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Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtiari province lies in the southwestern part of the country. Its capital is Shahrekord.
It has an area of 16,335 square kilometers and estimated population of 900,000.
Its central coordiantion locates in 32°19?39?N 50°51?17?E / 32.3275°N 50.8546°E.
The province consists of 7 counties of Ardal, Boroojen, Farsan, Koohrang, Lordegan, Shahr-e-kord.
Shahrekord is a city in western Iran and is the capital of the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. It is situated 107 km southwest of Isfahan, and 521 km southwest of the capital Tehran.
The province has an estimated population of 135,000 and covers an area of 16,332 km2 (1 percent of the whole country).
The city is traditionally a producer of bricks, mosaics, milled rice, and woven cloth, among others.
The city has a thermoelectric power plant, a microwave-repeater station, and a telegraph station and T.V station. It is also home to several universities, of which, is more well-known in medicine.
Shahrekord is among highest towns in Iran (2220 m above sea level). Its weather is dry, cold in winter and mild in summer. The town has a ski resort (Bardeh) located about 35 km away and several natural lagoons and small lakes for outdoor relaxation.
The original name of Deh Kord was Dezh Gord, the word Dezh means stronghold and the word Gord means athlete. It changed to Dehkord during after the Islamic period because the Arabs are not able to pronounce ZH and G.

1.2. Geography and Climate

The province is located in central part of Zagros Mountains. Although the province covers less than one percent of the nation area, but owns 10 percent of the country water reservoirs. Concerning the highland nature of the province and locating the area in path of Mediterranean humid winds, the province receives good raining.
Shahr-e-Kord elevation is 2070 meters over the sea level and is known as Iran roof (bam-e-Iran). Shar-e-Kord has a moderate semi-humid climate with moderte summers and very cold winters. The average air temperature in the city of Shahr-e-Kord is 11.5 degrees centigrade. Within past 30 years, minimum and maximum absolute registered temperature in Shahr-e-Kord has been minus 32 and 42, in respect.

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