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 Charmahal today


The province is mainly active in the agriculture sector. Most of the industrial sector is clustered around the center of the province.
The province has the potential to become a vibrant tourist attraction because of its natural resources.
Major industrial plants include cube sugar production, spinning, cement production, steel production, fridge manufacturing, flour making and milk and dairying.
There are over 240 tourist areas including historical castles, gardens and so forth.
As per academic centers, there are also major colleges including Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences (very well-known nationwide) and Shahrekord University.
There are some major cities in the province as below:
SHALAMZAR is located in 30 kilometers south Shahr-e-Kord, with estimated population of 8000 and owns one of the best agriculture plants nationwide. Also, some other large-scaled gardens of grape, almond and cherry are available in this city. Considering the elevation over 2000 meters over sea level, Shalmzar has been considered as one of the most talented areas for individual atheletes like track and field.
GANDOMAN is located in 75 kilometers south Shahr-e-Kord with estimated population of 9000. The city owns breathtaking international wetland of Gandoman, in south west.
KOOHRANG city has played major role in current history, especially in terms of constitutional revolution, while Tehran was conquered by 'Sardar Asad Bakhtiary (known as national triumaphant)', and in movement of nationalization of petroleum industry.
FARSAN city with the estimated population of 29000 owns some tourism appeals including like Dehno village.
ARDAL city with the estimated population of 9000 owns other beautiful sight seeings of waterspouts.
LORDEGAN city owns estimated population of 23,000 with some good-looking waterfalls.

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