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Chaharmahal-o-Bakhtiari province lies in the southwestern part of the country. Its capital is Shahrekord.
It has an area of 16,335 square kilometers and estimated population of 900,000.
Its central coordiantion locates in 32°19?39?N 50°51?17?E / 32.3275°N 50.8546°E.
The province consists of 7 counties of Ardal, Boroojen, Farsan, Koohrang, Lordegan, Shahr-e-kord.
Shahrekord is a city in western Iran and is the capital of the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. It is situated 107 km southwest of Isfahan, and 521 km southwest of the capital Tehran.
The province has an estimated population of 135,000 and covers an area of 16,332 km2 (1 percent of the whole country).
The city is traditionally a producer of bricks, mosaics, milled rice, and woven cloth, among others.... (Read More)


The history of the province is tied to that of the Bakhtiari tribe. The Bakhtiari tribe can be divided into two sub-tribes, Haft Lang and Chahar Lang with various territorial affiliations and they";... (Read More)
Charmahal Today
The province is mainly active in the agriculture sector. Most of the industrial sector is clustered around the center of the   ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:
Total roads length: 3645 Km
Artesian roads length: 500 Km
... (Read More)

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